Squatting & Anarchist Struggle in Barcelona, What Happened in Greece?

February 17, 2010

Squatting and Anarchist Struggle in Barcelona
with Peter Gelderloos
What Happened in Greece?
with Tasos and Sissy of the Void Network

Wednesday, February 17th
7:30pm @ St Stephen’s Church
1525 Newton St. NW Washington, DC 20010

PETER GELDERLOOS, author of “How Nonviolence Protects the State” and “Anarchy Works” will be presenting on THE SQUATTING MOVEMENT AS PART OF ANARCHIST STRUGGLE IN BARCELONA: an analysis of how the Barcelona squatting movement furthers the local anarchist struggle and how it hinders it.

TASOS AND SISSY of the Void Network and co-editors of “We Are an Image from the Future: the Greek Revolts of December 2008” have traveled from Athens, Greece to present WHAT HAPPENED IN GREECE: An informative Q&A on the events of December 2008.

Please bring a $5-10 donation to support the presenters traveling expenses.
RSVP to facebook (if that’s your thing) here
Quartersheet flyer here


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