April 19, 2011


Dream City Thrift will be a worker-owned cooperative clothing and book store serving the people of Washington, DC.

Dream City will provide affordable and fashionable used and new clothing, radical used and new books, and will host cultural, educational, and community events.

Our worker-owned business will be a viable alternative to capitalist exploitation and support wider struggles for liberation.

“When our children grow out of clothes, we should have places where we can take them, clearly marked anarchist clothing exchanges and have no bones about looking for clothing there first.”
–Kuwasi Balagoon, Anarchy Can’t Fight Alone

Thanks for taking the time to check out our exciting new project in Washington DC. We are currently working furiously at fundraising to get a storefront for this project. Please read more about us in our Statement of Purpose, take advantage of the skills and equipment that our collective has in Silk Screening and Video Production, come to our events, or help us fundraise! We understand that this project relies on you, the community of Washington DC, to become a reality, and we humbly hope you will want to get involved.

If you want updates on our activities and how you can help us realize this space sooner, please join our listserv, and add us on facebook.

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–Dream City Collective


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