Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army’s Prison Industrial Complex Shadow Puppet Show!

June 27, 2011

What: The Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army
Where: Dream City Thrift, 5525 Illinois Ave NW
When: Friday July 8th, at 7:30PM
RSVP on facebook, if that’s your thing

The Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army rolls into town on Friday, July 8th as part of its whirlwind, month-long excursion across the continental United States to raise awareness about the prison system. The tour stop will include a few different shows. The feature show uses shadow puppets to outline the history of the Prison Industrial Complex, from chattel slavery in the south to where it is today. The other show is a modernized Hansel and Gretel. All of the shows are child friendly.

The tour will raise awareness about the Prison Industrial Complex and the ways in which police and policing hurt our communities.

“Our goal in this tour is to use art to explore these relationships and brainstorm with our audiences how we can fight this brutally racist system.” said Mysterious Puppeteer Michael Snacks.

The United States currently imprisons nearly 3 million people. About 6.5 million people are presently under some form of supervision within the criminal justice system. Racism continues to be a major factor in the United States, illustrated by policies and programs that sustain white supremacy. Racism, as it is used through criminal laws that target people of color, is essential to prisons, not accidental. The Prison Industrial Complex is also fueled by dramatic and racist reporting about “crime,” “delinquency,” and “rebellion,” creating a culture of fear. As a result, people (primarily people of color, youth, and the poor) are locked in cages for longer and longer in the interests of “public safety.” The way the many parts of the Prison Industrial Complex interact is exactly what makes it so powerful and destructive. In order to fight this system, we have to recognize what drives and shapes it.

The tour is being co-sponsored by the Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective, a part of the books to prisoners network.
Click here For more information on the Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army.


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