Dream City Collective now has a button press!

We would love to make buttons for you, your organization, your function, your band, for whatever one might need pinback, one-inch button! We offer competitive prices for buttons bought in bulk, and your money will be going to support the creation of a worker-owned clothing store and anarchist space in DC.

We offer three types of buttons:
1) black and white
2) full color – add $1 per order
3) black and silver – add $2 per order

To get a price quote on an order, add these upgrade costs to the following:

If you order 1 to 49 buttons, the cost is $0.40 per button
50-100: $0.33/button
100-149: $0.27/button
150-249: $0.26/button
250-400: $0.25/buton

If you want a specific button, but do not have a design, our collective has two professional graphic designers that can help you with your design. Designing rates may apply, please contact us for more info.

To order buttons, please send artwork or concept and any relevant information to dcradicalspace@gmail.com. Someone from the collective will get in touch with you with a price quote and a timetable for your buttons.


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