Right now, the most immediate needs for this collective is funding (as if you didn’t know!). We’re looking to raise enough money to keep the business running for six months without selling a dime of inventory. This means we’re raising between 30 and 45 thousand dollars. This is something we’re committed to doing, but should we fail to be successful in this venture, and should we fall apart before raising the amount needed, we will offer the money we raised as a grant to the next group of people who want to open a worker-owned and operated business in DC.

How can you help us fundraise? There are a number of levels of potential participation for you. Buy something from our table when you see us at an event. Hold a benefit event for us (a cookout! a show! a party!), or a bake sale at another event.

Take advantage of the skillset that we have at our disposal and the equipment that we have: Need a projector for an event? Rent it from us, we’ll even set it up for you. Need something silk-screened? We offer a great deal on shirts that we print on our 4-color silk-screen press. Need a website redesigned, a logo, or other work for a graphic designer? Two of our collective members are graphic designers. Do you need video producers or editors? Two of our collective members are videographers, and we’re offering competitive prices for these services.

We understand the capitalist economy is tanking, and we’re all tightening our belts and spending less, just so we can make it month to month. So if you can’t do any of the above, there are still other ways you can contribute:

Do you make clothing? We would love to consign your clothes! We offer a competitive consignment rate (You keep 60% of what we sell). Do you have a bunch of old clothing lying around, or some radical books that you’re done with? We’ll take them off your hands for you.

There are probably dozens of ways you can help out this cooperative venture. If you think of something, drop us a line at dcradicalspace@gmail.com


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